7 days before the launch of Adobe CS5 . Amazing new tools are coming soon!

It looks like magic!


– the puppet wrap sneak peek: have a look, it worth it!!


– content-aware fill

– other things are cooking in adobe lab

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Microsoft Surface – The Possibilities

the interface are changing…there are more and more possibilities…we are getting close to the future

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Primesense | natural interaction

Nowadays, the babies that are use that something happenwhen they touch screens on the phone are trying on the TV’s screens  to pass channel with their hand..they are disappointed that nothing happen…..yet!

in the end of 2010 the primesense technology will allow us to control the tv without remote control, just by moving fingers 😉

like the wii without remote

think about all the doors it will open to other applications no only tv…

Can we finally through mouse and keyboards to the recycle garbage?



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Almost 50% of the internet users use Firefox!!


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Top Ten Internet Languages – World Internet Statistics


via Top Ten Internet Languages – World Internet Statistics.

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Will the facebook tchat replace msn? Gtalk?

change the Interface cange the USER’s use 😉
Since facebook interface has changed and the “who is online on the facebook tchat” is visible, people tchat more.
Will it replace msn? Gtalk?

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to be good is not enough ;-)

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