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Business catalyst building powerful online stores ecommerce with BC simple way to create online store without being a programmer! no programming require. never too late! Advertisements

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VERY NICE CART FOR AN ECOMMERCE SITE It is half in Flash, half in HTML. It is user friendly, very easy to use, to add and delete item.

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Keep a track of what you are doing when your are shopping online It the bottom of the site on the top of everything, we can always see the product that we viewed , that we saved and what we searched for.

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SEARCH INSIDE : Amazon online reader

Amazon offers the possibility to see the content of a book online by clicking o “SEARCH INSIDE” If you are not a member you can just see few innerpages of the book. If you sign IN  you can navigate inside … Continue reading

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Adobe Ecommerce site is entirely in Flash

The all adobe store section on adob website is programmed in flash

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