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Scepia is a webdesign company located in Tel Aviv. We are helping companies to maximize their business on the web

25 Ways to Increase Sales and Lead Generation

hubspot-blog: Nice post examine the best practices to design good website using the UI principles that leads your user for action.   Advertisements

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New Idea about Social Network

This is a personal social network, the idea is to canalize the facebook insanity into a more fun and personal experience. The only problem is that  in this stage it is only for Iphone. About the design, it is a … Continue reading

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1GB Clamshell Cell Phone Watch with Bluetooth it s old already but still cool 😉

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Intelligent Design is for me!

Good design succeed to present little content although induce the user the filling he can swim in content. Great stuff  !

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During this festival (November 2010, Graz, Austria) young interactive designers will be display their projects. In the festival 20 nominees (out of 350-400 submitters) will compete in 9 main categories: – Online / Web Projects – Offline Projects / Interactive … Continue reading

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Business catalyst building powerful online stores ecommerce with BC simple way to create online store without being a programmer! no programming require. never too late!

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Flash Catalyst. pass the first 7 min and then say wow!!

it makes like easy “Interaction design has an incredible impact on the success of your application or experience”

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