Few ways to navigate in one website – Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson lunched a new website this week. what is more interesting is their decision to use multiple types of navigation in it. Every category has specific grid which is very intuitive.

In the Homepage they used Jquery menu that opens when rollovering it.


2The innovation in this navigation compared to the old one (some screens below) is the main menu. by using very smoothly  animation that scrolls the hole screen to the bottom, the user doesn’t have to make any effort  in order to filter the products. As soon as he check a type of cellphone all of them aligned to the top of the page.

As seen in the 3 remaining categories pages, the navigation types and different grids were adapted to it’s target audience except the one in Fun and Downloads page.  The page looks broken with to many flash menus in it:

5Well, you are welcome to explore the site,Indeed, the switch from the old website was perfectly done.

Some screens from the old web site are below:



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2 Responses to Few ways to navigate in one website – Sony Ericsson

  1. Tyler Bickel says:

    I’m trying to find a way to view the old site so that I can show a designer the old layout. do you know if that is possible?

    or the name of the designer of the old sonyericsson website?

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