Juice Bag: Solar Powered Beach Tote Bag

18 Jun, 2009

Posted by: Jeff

In: Green Gadgets

solar beach tote Juice Bag: Solar Powered Beach Tote Bagsolar beach tote inside Juice Bag: Solar Powered Beach Tote Bag

With summer approaching, you’re going to want to go to the beach. But just because you go to get away from it all, you don’t have to be out of touch with the rest of the world. You want your gadgets. Maybe you even want to bring your laptop to the beach and work from there instead of your office. I know I would. Except I need to be in the shade at all times due to my pasty ghost-like skin coloring. Regardless, when you hit the beach or the park, you’re going to be taking along a tote bag to carry your towels and other beach items. So combining a tote bag with a solar panel is the perfect combination since you’re taking the bag to someplace sunny where you’ll want to charge your stuff up. The Juice Bag Tote is the world’s first heavy-duty solar beach tote that incorporates a high-tech flexible solar panel. It charges your items with a 12v car lighter plug, so all you need to do is bring along your gadget’s car charger and plug them in. Your cellphone, iPod and camera will now always be powered up and ready. There’s a small pocket inside the tote to keep your charging gadget secure. The bottom of the bag is water resistant and the solar panel is removable so you can use it separately or clean the canvas bag. Now you can stay connected even when you’re off the grid. Buy Juice Bag Solar Beach Tote


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