A super and smart website to search jobs!


as soon as you enter to the website there is a DIV called “introduction” with a fun animation that tease you and explain you why to continue and use their website


– The search engine is very smart “google style” but in steadof “web, “imwges” etc… It s by “compqny”, referrer,HM”, recruter, etc…

– You can customize how many answers you want to be seen , “5, 10,20 or 50”,

– you can refresh the result to see the most updated ones.

– you can open and close categories of results

– you have a real time chat. As you see “who is online” you can Chat with employers online.

– you can customize the interface to see what you need to see only. It looks like in software like “Flash” with the arrow to see the tools or not etc…

-there is a “video interview” area containing 3 different video to explain how the website works and all the possibilities it offers.


you know exactly where you are.

Enjoy 🙂


About scepia

Scepia is a webdesign company located in Tel Aviv. We are helping companies to maximize their business on the web
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