Create or transform a 3D scenes and much more…

the main image on the home is a flash with 5 pages that you can navigate through

You start building your room chosing first the size, the type and the shape

– You have a nice menu on the left side. You can open/close the search, and every part…

– When you click on a category you can go back to the main menu by pressing on “back” like an inside browser.

– When you chose an object you can drag it to your room and apply to it a texture like in a complicate 3D software.

– If you chose a sofa for exmaple in the “shop ” category on the bottom right will appear the products with the same description in Ebay and in amazon

Very confortable

You have direct link to Google3D also


Example of scenes that have been done by people. A nice way to filter what you want to see ” Within ”

you can chose “today” “week”etc…



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Scepia is a webdesign company located in Tel Aviv. We are helping companies to maximize their business on the web
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