SEARCH INSIDE : Amazon online reader

Amazon offers the possibility to see the content of a book online by clicking o “SEARCH INSIDE”


If you are not a member you can just see few innerpages of the book.

If you sign IN  you can navigate inside the all book  and read it online and you also can highlight sentences, bookmarks, copy, and print pages. For $4 dollars for example you can upgrade the “online reader” and access to the entire.


 The Interface of the AMazonereadonline is very nicely designed and user friendly.

you can open and close the ”frame” you don’t want to see like in a software.

You can customize your “workspace” and hide parts that you don t need to see like in a software when you don t need to use all the tools available





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Scepia is a webdesign company located in Tel Aviv. We are helping companies to maximize their business on the web
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