The Most Easy Way to Make Your Blog Mobile

I have recently found another way to make this blog available for mobile users. Feedm8 makes a mobile compatible version of your blog, it’s free to create it and free for the users to read. It also put mobile ready ads on your blog and share the earnings with the blog’s publisher (60% of the revenue is for the blog owner). But what I want to point out is the easiness of this site.

feedm8 Logo

I landed to the sign up page when I clicked on another site, and the procedure is extremely easy, you only have to fill the shortest form ever with your blog’s address or feed URL and your email address. That’s it! Then you have your blog’s mobile version created.

Sing Up Box at feedm8

The feedm8 design is not flawless, although the problems are not big. For example, when I was navigating my account I got this message telling me to click on the “Promote” icon to, obviously, promote my blog.

Promote Icon Message

But I could not find that Promote icon so easily, it took me some time to discover that the Promote icon was a star with an arrow on it (?).

Tool Box at feedm8

This how this blogs looks like on feedm8:

Design vs Art Blog Mobile Version Simulation

I like feedm8 because it is so easy to set up and use. They have done a good design work.


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